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22/12/2011: Updated the public IP range of Layar server. Please check out API structure .

15/12/2011: Updated the documentation of Layar Publishing API (Layar Connect) v2.0.

08/12/2011: Added more guidelines and instructions on how to use the Layar Vision Search logo for your vision layer.

05/12/2011: Added a step by step tutorial on how to integrate iPhone Player SDK into a simple iPhone app.

16/11/2011: Released 3d model converter v3.0.1 with bug fixes and updated command line tool. Please see here for the release note.

11/11/2011: Fixed and improved the Tutorial sample codes. Please download them again if you encounter issues while playing with the sample code.

11/11/2011: Updated the Layar Vision logos, please use these to indicate Layar Vision usage on target objects, such as posters, magazines, etc.

03/11/2011: Added an FAQ to Layar Vision FAQ list regarding vision pricing for non-profit projects.

02/11/2011: Added a new page which explains Opacity, Blending and Shader features in the 3D Model Converter.

24/10/2011: Updated the ip range of layar service.

20/10/2011: Released 3d model converter v3.0. Please check here to see what's new in this version.

06/10/2011: Updated the getPOIs request list and added a new parameter "recognizedReferenceImage" for layar vision beta 2.0 build.

21/09/2011: Added the link to Layar Vision Best Practices webinar and uploaded a tutorial on how to create "Kitten Edition" Layar Vision demo layer.

14/09/2011: Added the Layar Vision webinar content. Developers can download them from here.

12/09/2011: Added a tutorial on how to implement user authentication in a layer.

05/09/2011: Added a tutorial on how to create a layer which returns both geo and vision POIs.

24/08/2011: Added a tutorial on how to create the Layar Vision demo layer.

18/08/2011: Added a new tutorial on how to create a simple vision layer.

15/08/2011: Updated the whole wiki to reflect getPOIs API v6.0 changes. Added two more links to Layar Vision Index page.

02/08/2011: Added developer documentation regarding Layar Vision, please use Layar Vision Index page to find all the resources you need.

25/07/2011: Enhanced the explanation on how to manage user authentication in a layer.

30/06/2011: Added the link to a third party tutorial on how to create an Augmented Reality iPhone app with Dapp and Layar Player SDK.

23/06/2011: Added a new tutorial on how to place POIs evenly relative to user's location.

14/06/2011: Added a new client specification regarding the maximum number of returned POIs.

08/06/2011: Added a new 3D modeling tutorial here.

17/05/2011: Added the technical documentation for the Layar Connect Publishing API.

02/05/2011: Changed the download link to the Layar 3d Model Converter to . See more information here.

14/04/2011: Added a general presentation which provides a good overview on the features that are supported in Layar.

06/04/2011: Added two .l3d models for testing purpose. They can be downloaded here.

06/04/2011: Added two third party tutorials on creating layers using hoppala and Ruby on Rails. See more third party tutorials and tools, please visit here.

15/03/2011: cleaned up old pages in the wiki environment.

11/03/2011: Updated the sign up to be a developer procedure. And, in order to make icons look nicer on high-resolution devices as well, the publishing site supports uploading high-res icons. For more, please see Edit a layer page.

21/02/2011: A new version of Layar3D model converter (2.3) is available. Please see Release Note to check out what's new in this update. 

07/02/2011: 5.0 beta client for Android is out! Download the beta client here and let us know what you think about it

28/01/2011: Added Layar client specification section which explains the expected client behaviors within the Layar clients. 

27/01/2011: Added the documentation for Layar Player on IPhone.

03/01/2011: Layar v4.0 in the App Store of IPhone platform. Please see Layar Release Note to check what's new in this release.