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API Revision History

Page history last edited by xuan wang 8 years, 6 months ago

Please NOTE that this documentation will not be updated anymore. Please see our new Developer Documentation Site for the latest updates! The content of this page can be found here.

API Revision History 


Date Changes
  • contentType in actions should be mandatory. 
  • changed "alt" parameter type in getPOIs request from integer to decimal. 
  • New API v6.0 (Layar Vision) is released to developers. A beta client on Android is available.
  • New API v5.0 (animation and sharing APIs) is officially available.
  • New API v4.0 is officially available in Layar v4.0 on Android.
  • Added HTTP User-Agent header to identify the Layar app version, device model and device OS version
  • Added 'requestedPoiId' parameter to the request (used to indicate which POI the user clicked in Layar Stream, try to include it in the response)
  • Added 'version' parameter to the request (API version number used by the client)
  • Added 'inFocus' parameter to the response (can be used to indicate which POI should be in focus when opening the layer).
  • Added 'doNotIndex' parameter to the response for Layar Stream opt-out on POI level 
  • Added 'lang' parameter to the documentation
  • Clarified which GetPOI params are optional and which are mandatory.
  • Added note that params can be added in newer versions of the client, therefore unknown params should be ignored by the layer developer rather than causing an error.
  • Added note about audio:// and video:// actions not being supported in web pages.
  • Clarified fallback mechanism for "full", "reduced" and "icon" in 3D objects.
  • We briefly changed the CHECKBOXLIST stuff, decided to leave as Comma-separated list.
  • Added v3 changes, all marked in blue
  • Added new actions: audio, video and custom apps
  • Minor clarification of string formats for the JSON response
  • Added 'mailto:' URI as possible action
  • Removed the limit on the number of actions, this is not enforced
  • Changed BIW strings requirements. Please check you're not sending HTML, just unicode strings. We're going to check this in the next version of the APK. Unfortunately the current version is a bit easy on this and we may have given you the wrong impression that HTML entities are supported. This would break on other platforms (like the iPhone), so we're going to change it. We'll give you a new developer APK in time to check your layer.
  • Minor changes to the Pagination section.
  • There was a mistake in the example request (and in the API): The request contained a UserId and the same parameter got duplicated as a PhoneId, which wasn't documented in our API. This has been removed.
  • Added limitation on actions: Max 4 actions will be used on the client
  • Added limitation on POIs: Max 50 POIs will be displayed on the client
  • Added examples for "actions" and custom errors
  • Added links to MySQL and MS SQL database queries
  • Added explanation about selection of POIs by the client within the range
  • Changed the way %distance% is shown on the client
  • Added request/response example without OAuth signing
  • Added requirement to pass back every key in the JSON response, filling it with 'null' if unused.
  • Clarified way BIW image is scaled.
  • Changed the way errors are displayed: Layer Service Provider can send his own error/status messages that will be displayed in the client.
  • Added size of BIW image.
  • Changed the lengths limitations for the text in the BIW
  • Removed reference to point-to-point layers. Will be announced later. The client doesn't support it (yet).
  • RADIOLIST parameter contained an error: The client uses the optionid defined in the layer parameters, not the actual value seen by the user.
  • Pagination: Explanation didn't make sense for this API.
  • %distance% instead of @distance
  • Added error codes in response for GetPointsOfInterest
  • Added a paragraph detailing possible string formats for the BIW strings
  • added @distance variable in strings for BIW (which client will replace with actual distance in meters)


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